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The Oueslati Sportschule is a family business that solely focuses on the development of each individual athlete while providing excellent, professional, and high quality teaching/service.  This company is designed to promote athletes year-round, primarily in youth soccer, to higher standards and achievements from all walks of life and levels of play.  We help athletes learn to strive for excellence, better themselves on and off the field, become a better citizen and contributor to society, while also helping to ingrain values such as living a healthy lifestyle, having a strong work ethic, and maintaining discipline.  Whether you want to introduce your pee wee to his/her first sport, help your established athlete get a college scholarship, or get ready for the professional level we're here to help you succeed.  Our efforts and services are not limited to soccer.  We are committed to teach and develop all athletes in their chosen sport.   

We have been coaching and mentoring for over three decades.  We have a combined sport related experience of over 100+ years both actively playing and coaching across the globe.  In addition to our on hand experience, we hold both coaching certifications and university degrees and are strong advocates for higher and continuous education.

We are currently established and headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia USA.  We are driven, motivated, diverse, and open mined with roots reaching back to Europe and Africa.  While gaining experience and accumulating great feedback from clients such as parents and athletes, we have seen proven results and testimonies and have positively impacted thousands of individuals and households around the world.  Because of this, we are confident to have found a market niche for our expertise and what we have to offer.

We strongly believe that it is important to continuously show success under our own name brand and to always strive to help improve all athletes we encounter, not only in the realm of their sport, but also in life.

We are committed to making our best effort to hold ourselves to the highest standards, value all stakeholders with respect, and engage in business practices that are ethical and filled with integrity, not only to further promote our name but, more importantly, to validate all relationships and partners that associate themselves with our company.  We would be happy to share more about Oueslati Sportschule in more detail should you be interested in supporting our mission, vision, and philosophy for the community. We are honored by the numerous wonderful individuals and families we have come across thus fur and the lives we have impacted.  Moreover, we are very proud to see and hear of all the successes.  Of course, without God, family, friends, our members, and supporters who contribute to our success and existence, none of this would be possible. Thank YOU!!!

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