Sponsors & Partners

We are honored by the numerous wonderful individuals and families we have come across thus far and the lives we have impacted. More importantly, we are very proud to see and hear of all the successes. Of course without God, family & friends, our members, and supporters who contribute to that success and therefore our existence, none of this would be possible. Thank YOU!!!​

The Oueslati Sportschule believes in providing membership and program services to all who desire to participate. Part of our philosophy is to not turn anyone away due to the inability to pay. Any kind of donation, contribution, or scholarship can change lives for families, athletes and children in our communities. Scholarships can teach an athletes vital aspects of sports while considering academia and social responsibilities. 

Contributions provide the Oueslati Sportschule the opportunity to provide quality before-and-after school care for a young athlete; build self-confidence and provide valuable training for athletes in our community through our programs and services, and instill a sense of community value, trust, hard work, discipline, teamwork, leadership and independence

Our Partners