Weather Policy

Weather Guidelines


The Oueslati Sportschule will determine if programs can take place under safe conditions while considering poor field conditions. Local lightning shall always be considered hazardous. In the event of lightning or thunder all outdoor programs must stop.

Retreat to a safe shelter, a building, or car (not a convertible). Lightning can strike up to 6 miles away from the base of the thunderstorm. Programs may resume after 30 minutes from the last evidence of lightning or thunder. Please do not put a life at risk over any event hosted by or through us. The following link can provide more information on weather conditions and forecasts: AccuWeather.

We are committed and will try to keep all programs running and may have to make last minute decisions. All cancellations and missed programs and events due to inclement weather conditions and bad field conditions are not up for refunds. We may offer "make-up" sessions if the opportunity arises. However, such events are unlikely to take place considering schedule conflicts, field availability, and other unseen variables.

If lightning or thunder is within 5 miles of our location, we will clear the fields immediately. If lightning is within 8-10 miles of our location, we will continue but keep an eye on the sky and be prepared to clear the fields, especially if a storm is moving toward our location.

ATTENTION: These are only guidelines and some exceptions to them will occur. We are not weather experts and will try to only cancel any of our sessions only if continuing to play would be considered a hazardous safety issue. However, athletes or guardians are assuming any and all risk in such cases as they are participating at free will. In most cases, if you as the athlete or guardian decides to cancel, no refund will be allowed. 

When field conditions may be considered questionable due to inclement weather, the Oueslati Sportschule will try to update their website accordingly and communicate any cancellations or changes to programs upon final decision. You may check for current field conditions online or call the weather hotline at 404-279-2032.