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“...I wanted to thank you for making his first select season in Atlanta a positive experience. Thank you for working with the boys and helping them to improve every game.  It was fun to watch them start to come together as a team...” (2019)

“...Thank you so much for a wonderful season of coaching. She continues to “live and breathe” soccer. She derives great joy from the program under your coaching....” (2019)

 “...Good morning Coach!  I just wanted to share the news, that he made it on the ODP, thank you for your support and for thinking of him....” (2018)

“...Coach Oueslati, thank you for a great year.  We saw definite improvement in the twins as well as the team. Even though they lost yesterday, I was very proud of how well they played.  Even one of the other moms said…this is fun to watch!  One of my sons over the past few years has had his moments to shine and he continued this year, but this was the first time in several years that his younger sibling really had an impact.  For the previous two years, I just saw the gap between the twins soccer ability getting larger.  With you as his coach, he is back on track to become a strong defender. Thank you!...” (2018)

“...Thank you for all you do Coach! If you have suggestions for clinics or other things that we can participate in during the off-season to help improve his skills we would like to get him involved...” (2018)

 “...Thanks for a great year coach Oueslati and helping them advance in their skills and love for the game...” (2018)

“...Thank you Coach for all you've done for the kids. Much appreciated!...” (2018)

“...Thank you for a great season Coach Oueslati and thank you for your hard work and dedication to this great group of girls...” (2017)

“...What a great couple of years it has been with you, Coach. He has really grown as a player and you have given him so much inspiration and increased his love for the game. Thank you for all you have done for him; he will treasure his time with you forever!...” (2017)

“...You have changed them in so many ways. Because of your pushing, he has improved and enjoyed soccer more. You are an amazing coach, he is your product. He was spotted by the coach on his 1st night of try out among 120+ U-14 boys. On the 2nd evening, he was offered a spot on the ECNL team. On the 3rd evening of his tryout, he had to defend the forwarders from the DA team, he had no trouble of doing it. We feel so fortunate that you coached him. You get all the credits. He would not be where he is today without you. Thank you from all of us. Will definitely keep you with his progress...” (2017)

“...it has been a wonderful experience; ending with these last years of the best coach and team camaraderie we could have ever asked for. We have loved every minute of it...” (2017)

“...He had his 2 best year of soccer with the boys under your coaching Oueslati. We enjoyed every moment with so much to cherish! Want to say thank you to all of you and our amazing coach, Oueslati!...” (2017)

“...You have done a great job coaching the team. We really see an improvement in all of them this year...” (2017)

“...Thank you for all of the time and effort you have invested. I hope you will continue to coach us next season...” (2017)

“...Thank you for grading me! I have had an amazing season with you. I have grown so much as a soccer player and a person, and it's all thanks to you. You're an astounding coach, and I have really loved this season with you and the team...” (2017)

“...Thanks for all your hard work this season. You are one of the best coaches we have had...” (2017)

“...They have enjoyed your coaching this year and I believe this team has grown this year under your leadership - both in skills and as a unit. Thanks for your dedication. This was a year in which they needed some solid coaching and some consistent encouragement and needed a coach they wanted to work hard for...” (2017)

“...I want to take a minute to let you know what a great experience we had this year the club, and in particular with Coach Oueslati. Coach has motivated his group of players to really work hard for him, and for themselves this season.  He has never been more positive about soccer, than he is currently. Coach has instilled an amazing drive in this group of boys to compete for, and earn their play positions. The boys have the desire to work hard on advancing their skill levels, and have an enthusiastic continued/renewed interest in this great sport. We have watched this team learn to work well together, and use that dynamic to their advantage on the field.  Their matches are fun to watch. We believe so much of their success is due to what Coach Oueslati pulls out of them, and how he believes in them. It is our hope, as the club works on coaching assignments, that Coach Oueslati is able to follow this group...” (2017)

“...I just wanted to take a moment to let you know how much our family has enjoyed soccer this year with you as their coach. He has been very happy to be on your team, has learned and grown so much as a player, and really wants to put in hard work. I can easily say that this has been his best year ever in the club’s program, and that all has to do with you as his coach. As we look forward it is our sincere hope that you will be following the boys, and coaching them again. Thanks for all you do,...” (2017)

“...Your assessment and feedback are truly appreciated, thank you! Sadly, having to miss your sessions due to school but most importantly realized he lost some ground on the opportunity he had with this time to develop.  He had a renewed interest and excitement getting back. We appreciate all the time you have invested. His excitement for the game is at an all-time high...” (2017)

“...He mentioned after several practices that he really missed the way you coach.   The level of respect that you demand of the boys and the rigor.   He thrives on that kind of regime...” (2016)

“...Coach Oueslati has had an amazing impact on our child and his love for soccer. After last year, he was thinking about quitting soccer and Coach has instilled the passion again. For that, I am forever thankful. His evaluation, across the board, is higher than last year and we attribute most of this to his coaching. Thank you!...” (2016)

“...Coach, just wanted to say what a joy it was to watch our boys this weekend - they played with such heart and never gave up.  You have truly made them into a team.  First thing he said in the car was that you told them at the start that regardless of whether the end result was a win, loss or tie, the most important thing was for them to play hard and to play their game.  The second thing he said was that afterwards you said that they should take that kind of effort and fight to what they do in school, at work, to life.  Good stuff.  Thanks, Coach...” (2016)

“...This is one more reason why you are an amazing coach!!! I don’t think too many coaches would go the extra mile for them like you do!...” (2016)

“...I know that ALL of our parents are behind you 110%. You are the best coach that the Club has...” (2016)

“...Practice yesterday was the highlight, I think. He really LOVED playing with his teammates and the activities that you did were perfect for him. He was challenged and it required him to think!...” (2016)

“...Being a part of your team has been a real highlight and he wants so desperately to be a significant contributor on the team.  Your coaching and feedback has been instrumental and he looks forward to every practice and cannot wait for games.  Having such appreciation for your expectations of our boys, and how their performance dictates playing time etc. is only honorable in our household.  We would truly appreciate some one on one time with you during the winter so you can work directly with him on what he needs to develop in the off months, so he can come back in the spring stronger. Thank you for your time and genuine interest in our boys...” (2016)

“...He really loves practice and you as a coach. It's a hard workout but he is learning a lot.   Best coaching he has had in soccer...” (2016)

​"...We can't thank you enough for being such an amazing coach and mentor to the boys this season.  I doubt if we will ever have the pleasure of playing for another coach who is more committed to the overall success of his players, both on and off the field. Best of luck to you and your family..." (2015)

"...I know we all feel blessed to have had Oueslati as our coach and to watch our players come so far individually and as a team this year..." (2015)

"...I am writing to you about what an incredible team that Coach has developed this year. We did not make to any tournament final in the fall season but we won the tournament champ through penalty kicks in the beginning of spring season. We ended spring season with another penalty kick match this weekend. Every player played hard and supported each other. They showed their hearts and some incredible skills on the field. Thank you to our coach for great coaching on the field and off the field. From our family perspective, we almost quit soccer and we cannot be happier to see the love and confidence for soccer is back real again. It has been a great year for the soccer skill and personal development under Oueslati. We are so grateful for coach's passion and care to the players. Thank you again for providing a great program and having such a great coach..." (2015)

"...The final was really amazing. He said you had a strategy for how to play the other team, and it certainly paid off! On a personal note, thank you again for all you did to help him this season. He was so happy to hear you would be coaching again and told us you really “get him” and are his “hero..." (2015)

"...Having raised a daughter (my eldest is 26) who played on top level academy teams for over 9 years as well as 4 years of Varsity soccer (captain of state champions in 2008, lol, yes...I'm bragging), I've met my fair share of coaches! You should know that you exceeded my expectations. You were organized and had fun, effective training sessions planned. You had the ability to connect with her and effectively share your thoughts and visions. You offered constructive feedback and allowed her to reflect on her performance and discover ways to improve without feeling shame or disappointment. I wish every coach had your demeanor and character. Thank you for creating a very pleasant experience for our daughter..." (2015)

“...Thank you for your dedication to this team.  I believe our child and the rest of the team have really grown individually and as a team because of you.  We have appreciated your coaching philosophy, which seems to really teach process rather than focusing on the score.  Of course, we all like to win, but by respecting the fundamentals, the process, the game...results will come...these players saw it.  Thank you for teaching them to love the game. Thank you for a great season...” (2015)

“...It has indeed been a wonderful season and I can only reiterate what all parents unanimously feel: that you have been instrumental to the improvement of all the boys as players, and as a team.  We would be thrilled to have you as coach for either of our teams next season. Thanks again for your professionalism and passion...” (2015)

“...Thanks, Coach, for being such an amazing, inspiring, and caring coach and giving players so much this season. His development technically and maturity towards discipline has been beautiful to see. We would love nothing more than for having you again next year, but whether or not that happens, you will always stand out as a favorite coach and a season of fond memories...” (2015)

“...Thanks again for the amazing job you have done this season. We could not be more pleased with your coaching and approach with the boys. You have done an incredible job in not only improving the level of play but motivating these boys to play as a disciplined team. Thank you so much!...” (2015)

“...Thank you for this evaluation. I feel like it is spot on. You have truly been a gift...” (2015)

“...Love to have you as our coach. The improvement of the team is impressive...” (2015)

“...Thank you for being a tremendous coach to these boys this season.  They have really improved their skills and mind for the game, and that is attributed to your coaching...” (2015)

"... I see myself improving a lot through our sessions. My coach has seen my improvement from last year and has told me about it. The sessions help my individual improvement, which translate to our school practices and games. This ultimately helps the team as a unit.  My parents are very supportive and they have noticed significant improvement from our training.  Overall I love our sessions. I greatly enjoy the work we do and I believe it helps me improve...” (2015)

“... You are a great fit for these boys and you have brought their play and team cohesiveness up to a new level. Thank you for all your time and dedication to the team. You have gone way above and beyond..." (2014)

"... We are very much appreciative of the time, energy and consideration you've shared with him. You had a tremendous and very positive impact on him and greatly appreciate all the good work you have done in the past year. All the best..." (2014)

“... I am so proud of the team and how hard they fought this weekend without any subs on the bench. You obviously play a big role in their development. Thank you so much for everything you have done for them...” (2014)

“... Our family was new to your organization.  We joined Coach Oueslati’s team last fall.  We have very much enjoyed your organization.  I am writing because of the absolute satisfaction we have had with Coach Oueslati.  Coach Oueslati has been an incredible influence on my son.  He has become a better player because of his efforts.  They boys respect and respond to his coaching.  I do not have a history of playing or coaching soccer but I have seen the boys learn and use plays and strategy that supersedes many of the teams they have played.  Finally, Coach Oueslati made my son better outside the game.  He grew in confidence, in attitude, and influenced a better work ethic.  In my opinion this is what separates a coach at any level.  I would recommend Coach Oueslati without reservation to other families.  Hold on to this guy...” (2014)

“... Being a coach can sometimes be a thankless job especially so in leagues such as yours. Seeing the way you overcame the participation challenges and see the significant increase in the boys was impressive. Keep doing what you are doing. You are making an impact on these boys...” (2014)

“... and I am so proud of the progress they made and of the results of our final tournament...” (2014-2015)

“... Thanks Coach, for a great season. I wish we could all stay together next year! Your coaching and communication has been excellent!...”(2013)

“... It has been a great season!  She has learned so much from you and has loved her team - it would be wonderful to keep us all together again!  They are playing like a team and that is a beautiful thing!  Thank you for all your hard work...” (2013-2014)

“... We have enjoyed this season with the team and you as coach.  We look forward to the spring season with you.  He wants to continue to learn and grow his soccer skills...” (2013)